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"Beneath the ice is a rose."

We are a production company that produces purposeful films, games, and media content. Our goal and philosophy is to create gentle material that blossoms into a virtual garden and becomes a source of goodness to the viewers senses, and ultimately to their soul.


Like the beautiful wonders of a frosted rose, our desire is to create content that melts the cold barrier that comes between mankind, open the hearts, and discover the beauty that lies within.

By bringing to your lives a little taste of something pleasant, we hope that you may absorb it into your being. We wish to defrost the frozen layer and share the honest fragrance beneath.



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It is the beginning. All is new as we enterthe unknown, connecting the ideas of the mind together like a puzzle piece. 


Here we create the vision for tomorrow, extracting it from the mind to view before our eyes. 


Proper preparation is key to success. Carefully prepared content is organized, reviewed, and setup for the next stage of success like the planting of seeds. 

The Process of Evolution

Here is when the vision starts becoming a reality. Taking action to build the dream.


After hours of aligning the key elements and preparing for execution, we water and shine a light on our developing seeds, and we start to witness the material we are producing.

This is when the magic happens, and the thoughts of the mind are materialized. It is here when the creating of content comes to life, and all that we longed for is being realized.


Our final stage of evolution. Adding the finishing touches through refining, like the plucking of weeds from our earth beneath.


It is here that the vision reaches its highest level of potential, and the dream is manifested into completion before our very eyes, ready to be distributed for the world to see.


Here is the happily-ever-after ending, where the garden we worked so hard for is complete. 


Frosted Rose Productions

Film, gaming, and media company

Frosted Rose Productions

New York, NY



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