Gaming Privacy Policy

The Frosted Rose Productions Privacy Policy for gaming has been created for complete transparency and to help you see how we protect and manage the information given to us through our gaming apps. 

Our policy is applicable through all our gaming applications. Additional terms and conditions may also apply and vary from various platforms, depending on the information required for each gaming platform. Please read the entire policy thoroughly in order to better understand the complete Privacy Policy.  Always review and be sure you agree with all conditions and terms before downloading and working with all Frosted Rose Productions games through any platform. 


Information We Collect

These are the ways we may collect information: (1) you voluntarily provide information to us by creating an account, making purchases, or entering any personal information such as an email (2) we do not collect information unwillingly, and any information collected was provided through the platform in order to download and play the app (3) if other platforms and games auto-collect information, we are not responsible for this, as we do not wish to collect and store any information from you. Our goal is simply to give you games to play, any and all information being collected is not being stored on our account. 


Information You Provide

If you signup for an account through the platform, you are giving information. We do not store or keep or review any information provided to any platform except which is automatically provided to us through the platform for analytics purposes. 


Information We Receive from Others

If you provide information to a third party, information may be stored and collected. Read all policies thoroughly for every platform our games are downloaded from, as each are different. Our policy remains the same, we do not collect or share your information. If information is needed to download or purchase a game through an application store, read all policies involved with the store. We do not collect and share your information. Whatever you share is information required by the platform to download and purchase the gaming application. We do not share any analytics or data collected by the platforms and given to us. 

Protection Plan

We protect your information to the best of our ability by using the security systems in-place in each particular platform. Except what is needed to purchase and download the gaming app, we have zero access to your privacy, nor do we store any information. All protection is through the well-known gaming  platforms we work with. No additional information is collected or stored or shared for you protection. We just want you to have access to our games. Some of the platforms or third parties may collect external data for internal purposes. Frosted Rose Productions LLC is not responsible for third party platforms and what they do with your information. Nor are we responsible for any information being collected unknowingly from the platforms we work with, or any information shared with us. Read all privacy policies before agreeing to them. 


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